Palma is very lucky to have a network of cycle lanes across the city. In many cases they were once part of the pavement so in some areas, especially in central Palma, there is less pavement and more cycle track.

We all believe in pedal power and not contaminating the environment, but I do wish that cyclists would use these lanes rather than the pavement. Just in front of our office on the Paseo Mallorca there is a perfectly good cycle lane, but why is it that the majority of our pedal-powered friends elect to use the pavement on the other side of the Paseo Mallorca where there is no cycle lane and which should be just for pedestrians?

This is no isolated case, it happens right across the city. Apart from anything else it is dangerous. I watched in horror how a cyclist, on the pavement, just managed to avoid a pedestrian who was wearing head phones. The area of Palma which is particularly dangerous is the Calle Olmos: a busy street which during peak times appears to be a speedway track for cyclists, skateboarders and even rollerbladers. It is also very dangerous and if I had a euro for every near miss I have seen I would be a rich man.

The police must enforce the law. Cycle paths must be used by cyclists who shouldn't think that they have a right to take over the pavement. We all want to ease pollution in the city and the majority of cyclists do follow the law, but as usual it is a small few who are getting them a bad name. Something needs to be done.


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Les C / Hace over 3 years

In Cala Millor, there is a 15kph 9.5mph speed limit painted on cycle path along the prom. I have wondered if this 15 should read 15mph. Trying to cross this to get to the beach sometimes can be dangerous, and with large amounts of people straying on to the path at peak times during the evenings, and unlit. Also in tunnels I have seen cyclists totally unlit. One rule for cyclists and one for everyone else, in these tunnels.

Perhaps some of the tourist tax could be used to help police the resorts better, and have a better all round presence, and slow down these cyclists. Also, I have been stopped by cycle tour organisers on roundabouts, to allow the cyclists free passage of the roundabout. I am not anti cyclist, but just use a bit more common sense please.


Richard / Hace over 3 years

George, i am both, too, but imho the cyclists are the worst. Re Police there are a hell of a lot more on the Beat here than in the uk!


GeorgeP / Hace over 3 years

I'm a cyclist and a car driver here and I cannot believe what I see from both groups of road users. Truly awful and inconsiderate behaviour on both sides as well as rule and law violations. . However in any collision between a cyclist and a vehicle it's the cyclist who will suffer injury or worse. The same being true for the pedestrian who is much more vulnerable than the others. As with most other issues involving the law, it's the lack of police and a blindeye approach to enforcement which is at the root of the disobedience. More and better trained police doing the beat?


osn / Hace over 3 years

It is a problem with a small number of cyclists giving all the others a bad name. Although cycling on the pavement, cycling with headphones, cycling while drunk are already illegal and attract large fines and compulsory safety courses for offenders... but I suspect that they are rarely enforced.


M. Irving / Hace over 3 years

time for cyclists to take a road safety test-have registered insurance,-and be banned from wearing head/ear phones Other 'carriage' users have to conform why not cyclists?


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

Britbabe, same in Puerto Pollensa. The people who live up there risk their lives every time they cross the new “pedestrian” part of the Port.


Stuart Mead / Hace over 3 years

This is a worldwide problem. Cyclists think they own the road and love frustrating innocent motorists going about their lawful business. They should be fined heavily for NOT using the lanes provided for them.


Britbabe / Hace over 3 years

A big problem in parts of Palma Nova / Son Caliu - the cycle lane and footpaths are one and the same thing, with no lines to separate the two factions. Pedestrians have to walk very cautiously so as not to get mown down by speedy cyclists who think they have right of way.