It is becoming increasingly clear that this summer season is not going the way that was initially envisaged just a few months ago. Off the record even some politicians are concerned. Yes, we are welcoming large numbers of tourists but not as many as previous years.

Those in the 'there are too many tourists' camp will probably welcome the news. They have always maintained that Majorca was overcrowded during the summer months and to some extent they are right. But the vast majority of people living on this island depend on tourism for their very existence. They understand that if tourists do not come then the local economy will suffer. The ban on apartment holiday rentals in the city has already had a negative impact on shop sales. Any reduction in tourism this summer will have a direct impact on businesses in resort.

So, those who have been dreaming of fewer tourists might find that their dream is about to come true. But for others it is a nightmare. I suspect that the high season will be a good one with hotels enjoying an occupancy level of 100 per cent but will it be enough? A bad season will be bad news for the regional government because there are elections taking place next year. Hoteliers have already blamed the rise in the rate of the tourist tax for eating into their competitive edge and, by the sound of it, tourists are not impressed with the fact that they are paying an even higher rate of tax. Dangerous time for the industry.


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Mark, Hampshire / Hace over 3 years

Instead of our usual 3, 4, or even 5 trips a year to Mallorca, we are now just having one 3 night stay in October, to visit friends. Reasons? Firstly is the Tourist Tax, we would be having to pay approx €200+ on top of our hotel/travel expenses, which are the same price. And I'm not seeing any evidence that the money is being put to any good use. The type of projects that 'sustainable tourism' seem to be favouring aren't projects that are visibly beneficial to tourists (broadly). I don't disagree with the premise of the tax, but the (doubled) amount is far too much IMO, and to charge IVA on top of it? A tax on top of a mandatory tax? No thanks, I'll look elsewhere then. Secondly, our night time security has been compromised in the Magaluf & Palmanova areas. We don't stay out till the very early hours (we are a 50's couple), but to be accosted on our way home (we're not drunks either) around 1.00 am by being surrounded by a group of approx 6 threatening women isn't on the agenda for us. So it's adios from us. Perhaps we're not the better type of customer that Mallorca is seeking.


Pollensa1946 / Hace over 3 years

Just returned from our regular May visit to Puerto Pollensa. The resort was as quiet as I have ever seen it in May. First week (May 12) the south beach had maybe a dozen people on it. The sun loungers were not complete yet, no problem as nobody was using them. Familiar businesses closed down, shop owners complaining of a slow start. Our favourite bar empty on a Friday night. Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.


Gazza / Hace over 3 years

For the past 6/7 years, my family's life has been blighted by the commercialisation of our apartment block and estate. Why should absent owners be allowed to run a business using community amenities. 'Guests', often referred to as friends and family, show total disregard for residents and community rules......" I've paid, I'll do what I want ". Over the same period, local businesses have clearly become blasé in their treatment of customers. A reset for all concerned is welcomed.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

The hoteliers will be THE ONLY PEOPLE that might have a good season but the bars,cafes,restaurants and all the other complimentary service providers will find that this season there takings are a lot less,still the protesters and politicians will be happy.


Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

Fewer tourists = thinner pay packets. Protesters are getting their wish.


S. / Hace over 3 years

I can not comment. The web site keeps updating and wiping my comment , half way through my typing. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THIS SITE ????.


Harvey / Hace over 3 years

1st June today - 14 weeks of the season left, to make the monies to pay the bills and to keep the island employed.


Tom / Hace over 3 years

It’s just the start , wait till the end of the season ,you’ve made your bed now lie in it !!!