If there were additional police officers stationed in Magalluf, residents and the business community would not be involved in trying to resolve the "prostitution" problem. They have been forced to take action themselves because the local authorities have been unable to deal with it. As has been well documented, these "ladies of the night" have also attacked and robbed tourists. There is a big concern in Magalluf that the prostitution problem and its related robberies and muggings are forcing tourists away, and for this reason residents and businesspeople have been trying to deal with the problem themselves. Enough is enough. And of course they are not wrong.

But what Magalluf needs is more police officers. In fact, the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, has written to the central administration asking for more Guardia Civil or even National Police. It is quite amazing that for all the money which Magalluf generates there is still a shortage of police officers. Surely more could be recruited with a clear mandate to clean up the resort, starting with the prostitutes and moving on to other issues which continue to give Magalluf a bad name. It is not rocket science. If there were more officers stationed around the infamous Punta Ballena strip then crime would fall. Something needs to be done and fast. Magalluf has changed for the better over recent years but at the same time some of the old problems still continue.