If there were additional police officers stationed in Magalluf, residents and the business community would not be involved in trying to resolve the "prostitution" problem. They have been forced to take action themselves because the local authorities have been unable to deal with it. As has been well documented, these "ladies of the night" have also attacked and robbed tourists. There is a big concern in Magalluf that the prostitution problem and its related robberies and muggings are forcing tourists away, and for this reason residents and businesspeople have been trying to deal with the problem themselves. Enough is enough. And of course they are not wrong.

But what Magalluf needs is more police officers. In fact, the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, has written to the central administration asking for more Guardia Civil or even National Police. It is quite amazing that for all the money which Magalluf generates there is still a shortage of police officers. Surely more could be recruited with a clear mandate to clean up the resort, starting with the prostitutes and moving on to other issues which continue to give Magalluf a bad name. It is not rocket science. If there were more officers stationed around the infamous Punta Ballena strip then crime would fall. Something needs to be done and fast. Magalluf has changed for the better over recent years but at the same time some of the old problems still continue.


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Sarah / Hace over 3 years

I just wanted to Add - I was at the meeting - where all the Guardia Civil were, as I obviously was going to riot !!!

I am 51 year old women, with a Business Degree from Warwick Uni, I am a ballet, opera and classical music fan and to be honest would be classed as a snob by most. However, I was there to add my support to the sad change that I have witnessed over the last 16 years. If only the Mayor would invite me to a meeting I am sure I could let them see the easiest way forward.

I will be volunteering to walk the streets in Magaluf in the early hours of the morning to protect the tourist and escort them back to their hotels if they are under the influence. Also, warning them to be super vigilant.

If we stop the income source the thieves will stop coming.


Sarah / Hace over 3 years

What does Calvia want? Does it want the families and retired persons of all nationalities to be holidaying in Magaluf. Or does it want no-one decent?

Stop the thieves on the streets. Stop All Inclusive and return the resort to families and retirees for the months of March, April, May, June, September and October.

Then the months of July and August - the families, retired and the youngsters can add a more happy vibe to the most beautiful stunning beach/bay in Calvia.

This is how Magaluf was 17 years - but all the families left because they are too scared to visit.

I have just returned from the 13.00 meeting in Calvia Ayuntamiento - where I saw more Guardia Civil and National Police than I have ever seen together in 35 years of living on the island. I left at 13.30 as I was told that there would be no meeting today as the Mayor has an important meeting. Some people there believed that everyone would be allowed to go in at 14.30. I could not wait as flying to the UK today.

The average age of the persons in the group was probably about 48 !! I myself am 51. So are we the aggressive ones. I managed a large restaurant in Magaluf for years, lived in Punta Ballena 15 years ago and saw the change for my own eyes.

The change is because of the aggressive thieves. If they had never been allowed, Magaluf would not be a drunken mess of youngsters, tattoo parlours and strip clubs that it is today. which is the only market the Strip could fill after the families and decent people left.


TG / Hace over 3 years

There does not appear to be any deterrents in place or being demonstrated. The government and police need to up their game and with a zero tolerance policy to end this disgraceful situation once and for all. The human rights of the residents, business owners and tourists are being violated by these prostitution gangs and their scum bag leaders.


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

I am not related to Magaluf or areas close to it but can truly understand the point of view and actions of residents, businesses etc.It's said to read the same articles year in year out without no solution in the end. The only losing parties are the tourists who spend the money, the businesses who invest and work for their money and the people living there permanently. Putting 200 police men or Guardia men will not solve the problem as long as they do not have more power to stop the root-problem and as long as people like this Nina Parron ( which cave did she come out of.? ) waving with the human rights-women-rights etc. .It's a disgrace and lack of respect for people who mean it well


John p / Hace over 3 years

What Magaluf needs is the press to stop referring to these women as “prostitues “Show you have more guts than the politically correct politicians and give them their proper title ,organised,violent thugs,women or not.Maybe then something will done.


osn / Hace over 3 years

Mugging people is illegal...obviously, and there maybe an argument for extra police in the resort, but there are still plenty, and they know what's going on, it is obvious to everyone. So there must be a reason why police are not arresting people for violent crime, but somehow find the resources to round up people for hate crimes when they complain. Perhaps the local politicians are right, it is a mafia outfit running it, and you don't have to delve too deeply into organised crime to realise that one of the first things they have to do is get the police onside by one means or another.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

without a doubt more police officers would help but those already there know the problems and where they originate so just give them the powers they need to get rid of the problems.


Stev / Hace over 3 years

It doesn’t need more police you know what the problems are so deal with them when you break the law you forfeit any rights you have ,so more police isn’t the answer support the ones you already have ,


S. / Hace over 3 years

For at least 3 - 5 years , the problem within Magaluf has remained. Nothing has been done. I doubt those responsible for the control of the Urbanisation, will achieve any effective actions. There must be laws or regulations to deal with these illegal immigrants. OR ARE THERE LAWS etc. ?. Because nothing has been done. I REPEAT NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!!!!. Disgraceful.