Francina Armengol, the Balearic president, should be over the moon. The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) are now in power in Madrid, so in theory this should mean the end of the funding row with the central administration because Armengol and Prime Minister Sanchez, share one thing in common: they are from the same party. One of the reasons why the tourist tax was introduced in the first place was because the former conservative administration in Madrid was not being particularly liberal with its cash, epecially towards the Balearics. Armengol was often criticising former PM, Mariano Rajoy, for not providing enough cash for the islands. But now there are no more excuses.

I am sure that Madrid will come up with a nice little financial package for the islands and the funding row will be over because Sanchez can't use the same claims which were used by Rajoy: that the money was needed elsewhere in Spain. While I am sure that there will be more dialogue between Madrid and Palma, I can see this leading to a massive cash injection so the Balearic president will have to watch and measure her words. Unless there is a change in the Balearic government I also sincerely doubt that the tourist tax will be withdrawn. So, really it is a question of back to square one. The funding row will continue whatever the party in power in Madrid. But on this occasion Armengal can't be too vocal ... her boss is in power!


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James T / Hace over 3 years

Jason, please visit .

Your punctuation would prevent you getting a job with The Sun!


Voice of the people / Hace over 3 years

At the end of the day they all p--s in the same pot and MelB , spot on again .


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

Where you say “I can see this leading to a massive cash injection”, don’t you mean Can’t ?


MelB / Hace over 3 years

So will the funding row be over or not? As usual your editorial contradicts itself and bears all the hallmarks of your normal lazy, thoughtless writing style.