British tourism to Majorca fell by 8 per cent last month but alarm bells are not ringing at the Balearic ministry for tourism because overall the number of tourists passing through the airport rose by three per cent in May. A total of 1.1 million German tourists came to the island in May, a rise of four per cent but British tourism (659,000 tourists) fell by 7.8 per cent. There were big increases in tourism from France, Italy, Finland and Poland.

The overall picture should cause some concern, especially as regards the British market. The fall in the value of sterling against the euro following the Brexit referendum has made Majorca an expensive place for British tourism and this is one of the reasons why Majorca's competitors are profiting from British tourism. Resorts in north Africa and Turkey are doing well. The German love affair with Majorca seems to be stronger than ever with half a million more Germans coming to the island compared with Britons in May.

So far it appears that the increase in the rate of the tourist tax has had little impact on German tourism but it could be one of the reasons for explaining the fall in British tourism. Hoteliers have said on numerous occasions that there is almost a waiting list to come to Majorca on holiday. Any fall will be easily compensated by a growth in another market. And this is what is happening this year so far. British tourism may have fallen but other nationalities are filling the gap.