Listening to the Spanish radio commentary of the England v. Belgium World Cup clash and the pundits were pretty scathing about England´s performance. So much so that one said that he hoped that Spain met England in the semi-finals, because England were a big footballing nation but the national squad wasn´t very good. Gareth Southgate´s team could meet Spain in the semi-finals but both teams have plenty to do and so far neither team has impressed. Southgate gambled and played a “B” team against Belgium but his ploy failed miserably, England lost and the winning momentum of the team came to an end. For once I agree with ITV presenter Piers Morgan, who said that Southgate had made a big error by resting his top players, a victory against Belgium would have given them a greater edge. It was the same old England on Thursday night just as I was starting to get excited about the World Cup and England´s chances. Looking ahead to the Colombia game on Tuesday night and there are obviously some major question marks about England. Colombia will be no push-over. They finished top of their group and it is rather arrogant of England to think that it is going to be a walk in the park. There are no easy World Cup games and this is going to be a big test for Southgate and his young squad. As regards to Spain..well that commentator who was so scathing about England should remember that Russia will be no push-over either.