I suspect that the Balearic government will soon be coming under fire over their handling of the tourist industry with the increase in the rate of the tourist tax being cited as one of the reasons why the islands are enjoying a rather average season. But one thing the Balearic government has got right is the discount on inter-island flights. You can now travel to Minorca for the same price as the taxi fare from the centre of Palma to the airport. I have never been very lucky in securing cheap discounted flights but to my amazement I was able to buy a return trip to Minorca for 30 euros. Without the 75% resident discount it would have cost four times more. These heavily discounted flights will encourage islanders to travel across the Balearics and it could help plug the gap in tourist numbers. As we all know the Balearic Islands are pretty different so there is much to enjoy. At the moment the residents travel discount between the islands and the mainland stands at 50 percent. But you must be registered with your council. The Balearic government should be encouraging inter-island travel especially during the winter months. With these flight and boat prices it does make sense. It is a shame that similar discounted rates can´t be offered to airlines during the winter to encourage more visitors. One of the reason why there are so few winter flights is because of the high landing fees at Palma airport. If Majorca could encourage more low season visitors it would resolve many problems. But at the moment the Balearic government should be rather concerned about the high season.