You would have thought that the Conservatives would get behind their leader as the Brexit negotiations enter their final phase. No, no-way the Conservative Party is split right down the middle and I think Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon is right; there will be a general election very soon. I am no fan of Prime Minister Theresa May, but I do feel slightly sorry for me. She can´t win. Whatever she does is not going to please one side of the Conservative Party. I suspect that it will all end in tears. What Conservative Members of Parliament have to remember is that many could lose their jobs if May calls an early election. If the Conservatives presented a united front then at least they would have some credibility over Brexit, but they do not and you get the impression that at least half the cabinet is busy plotting against each other. How can British industry have a clear view on Brexit when the government hasn´t got a clue what it is doing? Prime Minister May, should be given a chance. She should be allowed to negotiate with the European Union without having to worry about what is going on in her own party. Leaving the European Union was never going to be easy. But the Conservatives, who have self destructed before over Europe, are making the whole process even more difficult. This is not the way forward unless they show some unity and support for their leader they will soon be facing the consequences; a no Brexit deal and a general election.