First the city council banned holiday rentals in apartments and now they have decided to ban any new hotels in residential areas in Palma. Now, perhaps I can understand the ban on holiday rentals despite the negative impact on local businesses. But no more hotels? I am lost. Surely, hotels create employment and revenue for the city? Surely it is great news that all these boutique hotels are opening in Palma? In most cases they are in restored buildings so really, it is a win, win situation. But not according to our illustrious city council. You can understand why some people claim that the city council is opposed to tourism. Their heart is probably in the right place and I do suspect that they believe that they are doing the right thing but it must be remembered that Palma lives from tourism. The local authorities appear to be ready to introduce legislation which could be described as “a curb on tourism” but remember all is not well within our principal industry. In fact, there is concern that a drop in the number of visitors will have a negative impact on the local economy, especially this winter. Palma, so far this summer, could not be described as being crowded. Even the cruise ships appear to have gone elsewhere. In a few months time the local authorities may be forced to introduce legislation which actually attempts to bolster the tourist industry. So we are living in a difficult times, a pity that the council hasn´t got the message.