There is concern amongst British people across the globe over Brexit. A bad Brexit deal will hit thousands of companies and affect millions of workers from Majorca to Manchester. British companies have halted their investment plans until the full implications of Brexit are known. Taking all this into account don't you believe that British politicians are acting like schoolchildren with the very livelihood of the people they should be representing? The latest Brexit bust-up illustrates once again that the Conservative Party is deeply divided over Europe, not just Brexit. If the Conservatives are to be taken seriously then they must unite and come up with a Brexit plan which not only serves the British people but also will be approved by Brussels. If they can't do this. then a general election must be called.

There is no place for party politics and petty infighting when you are talking about the very future of a country and its people. Brexit is not a game. Thousands of British firms work closely with their European counterparts. Thousands of European companies have invested heavily in the United Kingdom. This state of affairs should not be put at risk because someone, somewhere decided that Britain could become an 18th-century style trading nation. The British people deserve better and so does Britain. If it means that two senior ministers have to go for Britain to get the right deal, then so be it. The national interest should come first.