The airport figures up to July say that more tourists than ever came to Majorca this year, so why is everyone complaining about a lack of trade? Why are hoteliers saying that their occupancy levels are ten per cent down? Why are businesses complaining about a big fall in takings? The Case of the Missing Tourist in Majorca would certainly have kept Sherlock Holmes busy. The simple truth is that no one is too sure where these record-breaking tourists have been staying or where they have been eating or drinking. Some even doubt that they came here in the first place. The hotel occupancy level has been down. So did all these tourists stay in holiday rentals? The local authorities have been trying to crack down so it would be a real slap in the face to them if it was discovered that the hotels have been suffering while holiday rentals have enjoyed a surge in business. It is difficult to say, but summer 2018 will not be remembered for being fantastic.

And of course next summer is looking even more complicated with Turkey back as a major Balearic competitor. There should be no excuses. I sincerely doubt that there are thousands of missing tourists; there must be a simple explanation to the growth in the airport figures. Perhaps more people are travelling but spending less time on the island. There is going to be plenty of talk and comment about summer 2018 but one thing for sure it wasn't as good as had been forecast.