Spain's behaviour towards Gibraltar has been poor at best and outrageous at worst. The fact that the small British enclave has prospered, some would say despite the best efforts of Spain, clearly underlines the resilience of the 25,000 Gibraltarians. They want to work with Spain and in some ways Brexit offers them an opportunity.

If Britain and Spain can sign a bilateral agreement then perhaps relations between the "Rock" and Spain will improve. Gibraltar has a first class new airport which would be useful for tourists heading to southern Spain and it is also a key stop off point for cruise ships.

The people of Gibraltar have made their feelings very clear; they want to remain British and perhaps the time has come for Spain to accept this state of affairs and move forward.

I can see Spain’s point; it would be like France owning the Isle of Wight but it has been in British hands for 300 years. Until there is some common sense both sides of the border the issue will never be resolved. The new Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez does appear to be more open to dialogue.

There is a deep concern over Brexit in Gibraltar but now is the time for dialogue and planning for the future. If Britain and Spain do reach an accord over Gibraltar, then the future prosperity of the "Rock" and the south of Spain will be assured. Fingers crossed for the future.