I must admit that Theresa May would not have been my choice for prime minister but I do rather admire her tenacity and willingness to fight on all fronts. She has been dismissed as one of Britain's worst prime ministers of recent years but this is certainly not the case. If Britain does get a Brexit deal which is acceptable to most people (some will never be happy even if the European Union votes to become part of the United Kingdom!), then it will be a great victory for May. She is showing great courage and firmness in the face of open rebellion within her own party and no support from the other political parties, who are just making her life difficult.

When former David Cameron resigned following the Brexit debacle he left Britain in a mess. He should have stayed or at least helped to pick up the pieces. May was effectively given a mission impossible to negotiate Britain out of the European Union and at the same time keep her own party and country onside. No easy task. The fact that she is still in place and still fighting is a credit to her tenacity and courage. Many others would have simply quit and joined Cameron on the lecture curcuit. I have made my views on Brexit very clear in this space but I do believe that, under the circumstances, May has the right idea on Brexit. I sincerely hope that the prime minister is successful and does get a deal because otherwise Britain will be in an almost hopeless situation.