The directors of Brexpats make a good point in their letter to Theresa May. When I listened to May's speech on Friday, in which she called for respect from the European Union, she mentioned the three million European Union citizens living in Britain but not a word about the one million British citizens living in Europe. Why? I think in these hard and difficult times we all need some reassurances from both the European Union and the British government over Brexit. As Brexpats say, it is as if we don't exist. May should be fighting our corner and pushing for our rights. There is plenty of concern and worry in expat circles on the island about what will happen when and if Britain leaves the European Union.

Now, I suspect that it will all be all right on the night and we will enjoy the same status as we do today in the European Union. But this could be just wishful thinking on my part. The group also makes an important point over voting. Soon long-term British expats will not be able to vote anywhere, not even in local elections in Spain. No one was prepared for the Brexit backlash, but we must not be forgotten and our voice must be heard. There are many in Britain who would say that if you don't like it just move back to Britain. This is not the point. Europe is our home and after all just because we want to live elsewhere shouldn't mean we lose our rights.