For years in Majorca, we have been complaining, quite rightly, about the shortage of winter flights to Britain. The Bulletin even mounted a campaign. There are more flights these days but still not enough. The problem is that airlines say that they needed support from the local authorites. The Council of Minorca have done just that. They have reached an agreement with easyJet and as a direct result the airline will be operating at least two flights a week to Britain during the winter months. This is the way forward and the Council of Majorca should copy their example.

Poor old Minorca was looking at the prospect of no direct flights to Britain during the winter because the demise of Monarch hit the island hard. While we complain in Majorca about a shortage of flights, in Minorca the problem, until easyJet stepped in, was even more pronounced and severe. But the Council took action and it is now a question of problem solved.

We all agree that Majorca is an excellent winter holiday destination - all that is missing are more flights which will lead to more hotels staying open during the winter. If the Council of Majorca were to work with the British airlines perhaps we could have more flights which in turn would mean more winter tourists. As I have said in this space on countless occasions the tourism industry needs to show a bit more imagination. Full marks to Minorca, first the Red Arrows and now more winter flights.