So, what do we do now? Hoteliers have been forced to slash their prices by as much as 35 per cent in a desperate attempt to attract bookers in September, and even then hotels are only 80 per cent full. There is no simple answer I am afraid. Turkey, Egypt and Greece are taking tourists away from the Balearics and this trend will continue. Perhaps the islands need to look at their pricing policy. Over the last few years the cost of a Majorcan holiday has rocketed and I am not just talking about the cost of a hotel. Majorca, at least, has become an expensive destination and as we know in the travel industry price is king. If the islands want to remain competitive then prices must be reduced or at least frozen, because there is a danger that the islands will simply price themselves out of the market. The anti-tourism lobby will be happy that there has been a reduction in the number of visitors, but this will be felt hard this winter - fewer tourists, less money to spend.

The problem is that Majorca has had it too good for too long. As a result of the ongoing security concerns, Turkey and Egypt suffered and tourists were diverted to Majorca. This is no longer the case and now we are facing cheaper competition and a time when this island has got accustomed to the good life. Life was so good, the Balearic government even decided to increase the rate of the tourist tax. The only way forward is to ensure that the islands offer value for money and quality over price. Majorca and the other Balearic Islands have plenty to offer but tourists also want to know that there are affordable prices.