He even sounded like a future leader! Boris Johnson's speech at the Conservative Party conference was a clear shot at the leadership of the Conservative Party and I suspect that he pleased his small army of fans. But he didn't impress me. Johnson is like a bag of hot air. Full of rhetoric and pleasing lines but can he deliver a Brexit deal which is good for Britain? I doubt it. Is his plan even workable? Let us remember that it is one thing getting applause from the party faithful it is another to get it from Brussels. Johnson was a poor foreign secretary and I suspect that he will be a poor prime minister if he ever gets the top job, which I seriously doubt.

When former David Cameron called the referendum, Johnson couldn't decide which side he would back. He resigned from the government over the so-called Chequers plan and he is now actively pushing himself forward as future prime minister. He has his supporters but there is no way that he would ever win an election campaign, because as soon as he opens his mouth half of the electorate switch off. But he has effectively split the Tory party down the middle and Theresa May must know that her Brexit plans were dead as soon as Johnson opened his mouth in Birmingham yesterday. If the Tories ditch May and appoint Johnson then they will be opening the doors of Downing Street to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. It is as simple as that.