There were just under two million people in the Balearics on a single day in July which clearly underlines how busy this small island gets during the peak summer months. At least one million of these people were tourists, almost equal to the resident population. But in fact this year the so-called "tourist saturation" has fallen as there have been fewer visitors. Palma, over the last few years, has felt exceptionally crowded probably as a result of all the visits by cruise ships. This year has seemed far quieter.

There are some who would say that two million people on the islands at the same time is far too much and something should be done. But let us remember tourism is our livelihood and if the Balearics can cope then there shouldn't be a problem. In fact, I would say that the islands cope very well because there have been no real problems. Some people are now saying that there should be fewer tourists but with a higher spending power and that Magalluf/Playa de Palma type tourism should be ended. But remember these islands need all the tourists we can get.

Of course it would be nice if we could settle with fewer spending more but I doubt this is going to happen. We should be proud that these islands have got something for everyone and can attract so many tourists. The years ahead are going to be tough as the islands face more competition. The time has come to be proud of our principal industry rather than just trying to criticise it at all times.