You get the impression at the moment that it is almost like the end of term. Did you have a good season? This seems to be the question on everyone's minds. So is that it then until next year? Is Majorca closing up shop, then? Well unfortunately yes. The season is over and despite the efforts of many, including the local authorities, winter tourism has still not got off the ground. Those businesses which are staying open are rather concerned because there has been a drop in spending by the resident population. During the winter months it is the local population which keeps businesses going. But the rather irregular holiday season has meant that spending power has been reduced and some businesses are fearing the worst.

Important efforts have been made over recent years to try and promote the island as major winter holiday destination but we are still dogged by the same problems: from a lack of flights to hotels remaining closed. Palma is open for business but what is needed is a major promotion campaign to underline the virtues of the city during the off-peak season period.

I think we are getting into dangerous territory. We can't just throw in the towel in October and say that is the end. I believe that we should continue to fight for more winter tourists because we all know that this island is a great place 365 days around. Granted that we are never going to have hundreds of thousands of winter tourists but a few thousand yes.