The number of British tourists who came to holiday to the island has declined by about 4.4 per cent this year compared to 2017, according to official figures. While Britain remain Majorca's second biggest holiday market it is way behind Germany. Eight million German tourists passed through Palma airport, a rise of four per cent while five million British tourists came through the airport a fall of four per cent*. The German market now rules supreme almost outnumbering British visitors two to one.

Are the British falling out of love with Majorca? No, I doubt it, but these days the island does face competition from cheaper holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean and north Africa. The fall in the value of sterling against the euro since the Brexit referendum has made the island expensive for British tourists. I suspect that the state of the British tourist market will come under the microscope at the World Travel Market in London next month. There were already warnings last year that Majorca would receive fewer visitors as a result of cheaper competitors. What Majorca must do is offer value for money. This holiday season has not been one to remember and next year the local tourist industry will have to deal with Brexit. The British have been coming on holiday to Majorca for decades. Any decline in the figures should not be taken lightly and something needs to be done. Perhaps the local authorities should consider a promotion campaign.

* The figures refer to passenger arrivals and departures.