A full investigation has been launched into the flooding tragedy in Sant Llorenç which has so far claimed the lives of 12 people. It has been revealed that the Balearic government didn't activate their emergency plan until two hours after the heavy rains fell. Even the Aemet office in Palma has launched an internal probe to establish if it was at fault. The Palma fire brigade, which is a well-resourced emergency service, has also said that they should have been called out to help. It is too early to point the blame at anybody because the search and rescue operation is still under way and the area is still in mourning.

But the Balearic government must order a full inquiry. If the emergency plan was activated later than expected then answers should be demanded. Why wasn't the Palma fire brigade included in the emergency plan? Aemet had warned about the possibility of heavy rainfall on the east coast of the island and the emergency services were on alert. There are many unanswered questions and what happened in Sant Llorenç this week has shocked the nation. Even Catalonia has declared two days of official mourning. I suspect that Prime Minister Sanchez, who visited the area just hours after the disaster, will also be calling for some answers. This tragic episode must be well and truly investigated by experts. The sooner the inquiry starts the better.