One million British citizens across Europe are in limbo, waiting to hear what status they will enjoy after Brexit. While Theresa May has said on numerous occasions that the three million European Union citizens living in Britain have nothing to fear from Brexit, the same can't be said for their British counterparts living on the continent. European governments have said nothing, which is just adding to the sence of insecurity which is being felt by many expat Britons. Governments have hinted that the rights of those Britons living in European Union countries will remain the same as long as their paperwork is in order. This is good news but I would like to see it in writing and confirmed by the European Union. And then there are the thousands of Britons who do not have their paperwork in order but are living in European Union countries. What is their status?

There are so many questions and I would say that it is rather irresponsible of European governments to leave British citizens in the dark. I have always believed that the European Union has been trying to punish Britain for wanting to leave the European Union but that doesn't mean that British citizens should be left in the dark. It would be nice if the European Union made some comment sooner rather than later. Brussels may not like Brexit but at the end of the day it was the British people who decided that they wanted to leave.