The lack of winter flights to Majorca will soon be in the spotlight again as the season draws to a close. Now, the local authorities have tried long and hard to promote the island as a low season holiday destination but so far there is still a shortage of flights. I think the only way forward is to provide airlines with some help to fly to the island during the low season. The Council of Minorca has provided grants for airlines so that they operate a limited service to the island over the winter especially to Britain. I would advise the Council of Majorca to do the same because it is the only way forward. Also, I think the Palma city council could do more to promote the joys of the city during the low season period.

Palma has plenty to offer from top restaurants to plenty of attractions and the hotels are all open. I know for a fact that some of the leading restaurants in the city are fearing the winter because the majority of their clients are tourists because there has been a big decline in the so-called local trade.

With Majorca facing increased competition from cheaper holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean, perhaps now is the time to really promote the island as a winter destination. All that is needed is some imagination and the tourist industry working together as one for the common good of the island. Majorca is a wonderful place and there is more to do in the winter than during the summer months, but we must spread the word and get the tourists.