You wouldn't have thought that the islands were heading for local elections next year. In fact, there appears to be little or no political action. The centre-right Partido Popular, which won the biggest share of the vote in the last elections but failed to secure an overall majority, have been completely useless in opposition. In fact, they haven' held the coalition regional government to account on any issue of importance. They still haven't got their act together and by all accounts I can't see them forming a government in May next year. In fact, the socialist-led coalition government is expected to return to power again with the support of the Majorcan nationalists.

Overall the regional government hasn't done a bad job; at least there haven't been any major scandals and the government has been effective. The jury is still out whether it was a good idea to raise the rate of the tourist tax but there is widespread support for it. But the Balearics need an opposition party and unfortunately the Partido Popular have been rather missing. It is highly unlikely the British citizens will be able to vote in these local elections although the fact that Theresa May is considering a one year extension could mean that Britain is still a member of the European Union when the vote takes place, offering a lifeline for would-be British voters. Anyhow, the clock is ticking and so far there is still plenty of local election apathy.