I have always considered myself to be a royalist but my support for the British royal family has declined over recent years because the younger royals do not appear to have a role. While the future of the royal family in Britain is assured the same can't be said for Commonwealth countries such as Australia.

I can understand the Australian Republican movement saying that they do not want to be "ruled" by a family who lives in a "foreign" land thousands of miles away. But imagine if, say, Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, became the Queen’s representatives in Australia? This would bring them closer to Australians and they would live in Sydney rather than in London. Similar appointments could be made in other major Commonwealth countries. Prince Andrew, the Queen's representative in Canada? At the moment this role is carried out by the Governor General, but it does make more sense to have a member of the royal family representing the Queen in a key Commonwealth country.