I was interested to read yesterday that Magalluf and Palmanova are no longer so popular with British tourists and in fact only 44 per cent of holidaymakers to the resorts are British. This is a major change for two resorts which were built on British tourism. The decline has been steady over the last ten years. In the 1980s nine out of ten tourists in these two resorts were British; these days it is four out of every ten. So why the change because Majorca is still popular with British tourists?

I think you can safely say that Magalluf has lost some of its "charm" for British tourists. Rowdy behaviour by tourists and a crackdown by the authorites have meant that tourists have gone elsewhere in equal measures. Some complain that the "fun" has been taken out of Magalluf while others claim that its infamous reputation has made them change their holiday plans.

Magalluf is also changing. Hoteliers have invested heavily in upgrading their hotels and the resort has definitely improved with new attractions and facilities. The future is looking bright for Magalluf. Hoteliers are happy because, despite the fall in British tourism, their occupancy level was three per cent higher this year than last year. For many Spaniards Magalluf is about as British as "roast beef" or "warm beer" but new flavours are gradually moving in.

The Brits are not pulling out of Majorca, because it is still the number one holiday destination, but they are starting to withdraw from Magalluf. A sign of the times?