Rather amazed that the British government is proclaiming the end of austerity when it is still in the process of negotiating a Brexit deal which will have an impact on the British economy one way or the other. Also, I thought that the British economy was underperforming compared to the other G7 countries. So does Chancellor Philip Hammond really have all this money in the bank? I sincerely hope that Hammond does have a "war chest" because if things get messy over Brexit then he will probably need it.

When I watched the budget I got the impression that the government was quite literally splashing the cash because Theresa May is preparing to call an election. It would certainly be a gamble and after the last election debacle it could mean the end of her government. It does appear to be a good budget for many, but there is still the Brexit uncertainty and Britain still has to settle its divorce bill from the European Union. The final cost of Brexit will be measured in billions.

The Chancellor sounded rather upbeat over the performance of the British economy. I sincerely hope that it is an end to austerity and Britain can look forward to better times ahead but at the moment I remain rather cautious. Brexit will always be a gamble and no one really knows whether it will be a gamble which pay offs or if Britain will be hit financially. Difficult times ahead for all.