I remember being told that Majorca is nothing without the good weather. Now, this is not the case but let's face it Majorca has a reputation for its sunshine. The slogan 300 days of sun a year is often used, but not this year. I can't remember weather like this on the island and I sincerely hope that it is not a taste of things to come. In the end it could even hit holiday bookings to the island. Smart phones and the internet mean that people have easy access to weather forecasts across the globe. If you see that the weather is poor in a resort, then the chances that you will visit will fall. It is as simple as that.

I remember last Easter hearing a British family moaning about the weather and saying "I though it never rained on Majorca". Of course the island needs the rain but the unsettled weather this week will have brought an abrupt end to the holiday season at a time when the local authorities and the travel industry are trying to extend the season. It will also hit winter tourism. There is a school of thought which says that it is too cold during the winter to welcome low-season tourists. This could be the case but I must say that there is more to do on this island than the sun and the beach, but sunshine does help.

Plenty is said about the tourism industry, but what the industry needs more than anything else is good weather. If the weather is bad, tourists will just go somewhere else. We need sunshine and some rain.