For months we have been told to prepare for a Brexit no-deal. This obviously caused plenty of concern not only to British citizens but British business as well. There is a rumour knocking around that all flights will be grounded in Britain to Europe in March because of the divorce. The alarm bells are ringing and they still are. But all of a sudden a deal appears to have been struck; in fact there is talk that a Brexit agreement with the European Union will be ready this month.

It appears that behind the scenes in offices in Brussels and London, civil servants have been working long and hard to move forward. Politicians have cast doubt on the possibility of a deal; it appears now that one is very close. But of course the British parliament will have to approve any Brexit deal and judging by the deep divisions in the Conservative Party this may prove to be a nightmare for Prime Minister Theresa May. But a deal is close and that should be heralded as good news. The last thing that Britain or the European Union want is a no-deal scenario. I suspect that the status of British citizens living in Spain, providing that they are fully legal, will remain the same after Brexit.

So was it a case of "much ado about nothing?" Well perhaps not but one thing for sure there is still plenty of negotiations ahead but at least there is some good news on the Brexit front. How British politicians will determine the deal is another thing, but for the time being fingers crossed.