The World Travel Market has come and gone and Balearic hoteliers will not be cracking open the cava on the way home, they will be sipping some chamomile tea to calm their nerves. And will they be greeted at the airport by sympathetic members of the auxiliary tourism industry such as bar and restaurant owners and resort retailers? No. They will probably want to slip away into the night as they digest what they have been told in London regarding the outlook for the UK tourism industry.

The impression is that, while making contingency plans for whatever the Brexit outcome is, Brexit is not the primary concern. It is the kicking the Balearics are getting from the likes of Greece, Turkey, Egypt and north African destinations. Hoteliers have tried to cover their back sides by contracting out rooms for the next three years, but at what price?

How many times have they been told that, when it comes to booking a holiday, especially a family summer trip, price is king? Now who is paying the price? The hoteliers for not having heeded the warnings over the past few years that the millions of "borrowed" tourists who have come to the Balearics and Spain, in order to avoid security fears, will eventually be opting for the best value for money once the tensions have died down

Balearic hoteliers have got to get their pricing right and start competing if they want to continue dominating the market.