I videoed the turning-on of the Christmas lights in Palma on Thursday using my iPhone and then uploaded it onto this newspaper's Facebook site. Within minutes the rather poor amateur video had hundreds of likes. There were plenty of messages such as I love Palma at Christmas. The majority of the people liking and commenting were in Britain. It got me thinking that the city council should really promote Palma as a weekend getaway destination during the festive period. I am sure that many people would head to the city to soak up the festive atmosphere and enjoy some great shopping and food.

The tourist industry is not rocket science; it is providing and promoting something that people want to do while they are on holiday. There are winter flights and of course Palma is open for business with a large number of hotels offering relatively cheap deals. All it needs is the council to give Palma a push. The city does look splendid and as a weekend getaway destination Palma is ideal. The local authorities should be concentrating their drive to promote winter tourists on the city not on the resorts, which are closed for business.

In Palma over the last few years a large number of new boutique hotels have opened and by law they have to be open 12 months a year. They could do with some help especially after all the investment and new jobs they have created.