What a mess and what is more, what a costly mess. Of course, I am talking about the whole Brexit process, and probably the only way forward is to have a second referendum. I know it would be rather undemocratic and probably open the door to Scotland wanting another referendum on independence but no one appears to be happy with the deal which Theresa May has secured and few appear happy with Brexit full stop. So let the people vote again because let's face it no one really knew how difficult it would be to leave the European Union in the first place and of course the financial impact on the British economy.

The way that many politicians defend themselves when asked whether or not they voted for the horrific invasion of Iraq is "if I had known then what I know now I wouldn't have voted for war". The same statement can be used over Brexit; the referendum was won on half truths and blatant lies by politicians who left as soon as the vote was won. May has done her best at trying to clean-up the Brexit mess and halt the exodus of companies from Britain. But there is still the distinct possibility of a no-deal.

May didn't secure a great deal but at least she secured a deal but it won't be enough for parliament. A second referendum, now that most of the facts are known, is the only way forward and perhaps this time politicians will be honest: leaving the EU is probably not a good idea especially if your economy depends on it.