The far right appears to be making a return to Spanish politics. In this weekend´s regional elections in Andalusia the far right-wingers of the Vox party could gain up to five seats. Andalusia, which has one the highest unemployment rates in Europe, is the entry point for thousands of Africans who have been reaching Spain by sea in greater numbers as traffic on the other main route across the Mediterranean to Italy has been curbed.

Opinion polls show the Socialists, who have ruled Andalusia since Spain’s return to democracy, winning the most seats yet again, but falling short of a majority which will be a major blow for Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. It is rumoured that if Sanchez gets a good result in this weekend´s regional elections then he will call a general election which will take place on the same day as the regional elections across the country in May. Andalusia is in the political spotlight in Spain and there is plenty at stake especially for the Spanish government.