The Spanish tourism industry has rounded on the Spanish government for ignoring the impact of Brexit on the industry and they are spot on. The only thing that the Spanish government is saying, well at least officially, is that it will be all right on the night. But that is not really the way forward, especially as millions of British tourists come to Spain every year and tourism is crucial to the Spanish economy. In case of a no-deal Brexit then it could a real nightmare. You would have thought that the Spanish government would have done some planning; perhaps they are but nothing has been said officially.

I think everyone is becoming increasingly bored with Brexit but let's remember that in March Britain is due to leave the European Union. So how does that leave the millions of British tourists travelling to Spain next year? Will they need a visa? Has the necessary information been sent to Spanish airports so that they can prepare? In theory from March, British citizens will be passing through the non-European Union citizens control desk at airports and port terminals. Will this cause a problem even though Britain has never signed the Schengen treaty on travel? It is all very well the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, saying that he hopes that Brexit will never happen. At the moment it looks as if it is happening, so it is better if the government starts planning now before it is too late.