It does seem rather odd, and you can see why more parents will be opting for Father Christmas. Chidren on the island received their Three Kings gifts on Saturday night or Sunday morning, but yesterday they were back at school. So in most cases they had just 24 hours to enjoy their gifts and then it was back again into their schools books. This state of affairs will only push more parents into abandoning the traditional Kings and going for the more international Father Christmas.

It might be an idea to lengthen the Christmas school break by taking time away from the extended break over the summer, which in some cases can last almost three months, which is far too long. So rather than having a two week break at Christmas, it could be extended to three with the additional week coming from the summer holidays; schools would finish on 1 July rather than 20 June. Surely it makes sense and it would ensure that the Three Kings would be celebrated on a bigger scale.

The same goes for the shop sales. Wouldn’t it be rather nice if the shop sales started in early January rather than yesterday? It would probably mean that shops would have a greater sales volume and also give households a lift with some good bargains for the Three Kings It is not rocket science and I am sure that there are hundreds of reasons why children can’t go back to school later, but in years to come when Father Christmas rules supreme, someone just might ask where it all went wrong.