I suspect that Palma cab drivers, who are seriously worried after four violent attacks in as many months, wanted a bit more when they appealed to the city council for help. The council are offering them free defence classes. Thanks. What next? Free water pistols? I think what the cab drivers wanted to hear from the council is that they want more police patrols especially at night when the attacks usually occur. Many cabs are already fitted with a security screen, which divides the driver from the passenger and is probably the best idea, although it can be quite a costly operation.

Being a taxi driver is a dangerous job, especially those who work at night. But despite the risks they provide an excellent service. You can understand why some would prefer not to work at night. Every time I take a taxi at the moment the driver tells a story of a recent attack or attempted robbery. This is an alarming state of affairs and the council should be taking the problem very seriously. It would be a nightmare scenario if there were fewer taxis at night because the drivers were concerned about their own safety and elected to stay at home. There is no simple solution but a greater visible presence of police officers would not go amiss especially in Palma and in the city centre.

Taxi drivers operate a "buddy/buddy" system in which if one is attacked his colleagues come to his aid. Sadly, at the moment this is probably one of their best and most effective security measures.