The Brexit nightmare has led me to the conclusion that a new force is needed in British politics. I do not think that the Conservatives or the Labour Party are fit for purpose and neither party should be allowed to run the country after the Brexit mess. I know it is an outrageous thing to say but I think new ideas are needed from new people who are not tied to the system or the game of party politics. This whole Brexit situation has been a complete disaster and both parties have failed miserably. The system needs to be changed. Politicians need to be accountable for what they say or do and perhaps there needs to be a new approach to politics.

Take MPs. They are never in their constituencies because obviously the business of government is in London, so they can't really be in touch with the people they represent. Surely a better system can be found by which MPs can stay in their area but still be effective members of parliament. Technology is the answer. This would mean that MPs would not be sucked into the so-called Westminster bubble and they could be more effective in defending and fighting for their areas.

Representatives of the people need to be with the people. Looking at the Brexit debate I do not think that anyone really understands what is happening, and that is sad for democracy. Britain is split, almost down the middle but the two main parties are incapable of pleasing one side of the debate let alone two.