How will history treat Theresa May? I suppose it depends on whether she actually reaches an agreement over Brexit but the fact that opposition members of parliament are saying that they feel "sorry for her" and are praising her hard work should mean something. Unfortunately for her, at the moment her list of defeats outnumbers her list of victories. Her Brexit deal suffered a crushing defeat but she has won the respect of the British public, or at least some of them, who believe that she has worked long and hard under difficult circumstances to reach a deal.

Margaret Thatcher may have been the Iron Lady but Theresa is Marathon May. She never gives up. Just minutes after winning the vote of no confidence she was meeting members of opposition parties to find a way forward and then past midnight she was making a statement. All this after a day in which she had held meeting after meeting. If hard work and dedication pays off then May will get a deal; if she doesn't it won't be for the want of trying.

May's dedication has even won me over but I do admit to wondering if David Cameron or Tony Blair were in power things would have been different. Perhaps so. History will probably say that May was not a great prime minister who was kept in power by an even poorer leader of the opposition. May will not go down with the Tory greats but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, I suspect, will be quietly forgotten by the party and the country.