Is it just a case of scaremongering or just a lack of information? Not long ago, we and many other news outlets reported that British tourists would need a European visa to travel to the continent; details and the cost of this visa were provided. But yesterday it was announced that British citizens would be able to travel around Europe without a visa. So what is going on? With a sizeable part of the British population spending their summer holidays on the European mainland this is obviously a big issue. In some cases it might even make British tourists think twice about a holiday on the continent.

With Brexit it is amazing how much false information that is spinning around and obviously this state of affairs will continue until an accord is reached. The announcement that it is visa free travel is good news for everyone: from the British travel industry to British holidaymakers. Holiday sales in Britain are sluggish at the moment as a direct result of Brexit. Spain and other European states obviously fear the threat of increased competition from resorts in the eastern Mediterranean and north Africa. With a devalued pound these destinations offer value for money.

I am rather concerned that the "Brexit fake news" will have a direct impact on tourism on this island which could cost us jobs and revenue. Both the Spanish and British government should not get involved in statements which could be misleading and lookout for "Brexit fake news".