You would have thought that with the Brexit nightmare the last thing on the mind of most Britons would be a possible move to Majorca. But thankfully this is not the case. The British love affair with this island continues. How do I know this? Well on Saturday we launched our new Property Spotlight in our classified advertisement section. Through social media and our website we offered readers away from these shores the possibility of receiving the spotlight via email. I was amazed at the response we received from would-be home buyers in Britain and Scandinavia.

Yes, Majorca has not lost its shine and Britons still want to buy homes here either for holidays or to take up permanent residence. All of us who live here willl not be surprised at the response but at the same time it was rather reassuring to know that despite Brexit and the drop in the value of sterling, Britons are still dreaming of owning a home here.

However, I still believe that the Balearic government are right to launch a promotion drive for the islands in Britain because of Brexit. I think it should be a simple message thanking them for the support over the years and inviting them to visit these shores in 2019. This is going to be a difficult year for both Britain and Majorca. At the end of the day Majorca's fortunes are affected by what happens in Britain. But one thing for sure is that there remains an exceptionally strong bond between Britain and Majorca, which not even Brexit can break, which is fantastic news.