"Have you taken up Spanish nationality yet?" is a question I am always being asked at the moment. The number of Britons who are seeking to become citizens of Spain has risen dramatically in recent months as a result of the uncertainty over Brexit. Don't get me wrong, but giving up your nationality because of Brexit does appear to be a rather radical approach to the situation. I am convinced that Brexit will have little or no impact on long-time British residents of Spain who have their paperwork in order. Those who have something to fear are those whose paperwork is not in order and perhaps those who are planning to move to the island in the future.

Let's face it, if you take Gibraltar out of the equation, Britain and Spain enjoy a great relationship; Spain is Britain's holiday country and Spain is one of the biggest investors in Britain, owning anything from Heathrow Airport to mobile phone companies and leading banks. So really I sincerely doubt that the two countries are going to throw their toys out of the pram over Brexit. It is not good business. Britain needs Spain and Spain needs Britain. I suspect that there will be problems which will need to be overcome but nothing which can't be overcome rapidly.

Now, I know of many British citizens who say that they plan to spend the rest of their lives here, so perhaps becoming Spanish citizens is a good idea. But I will be hanging on to my British nationality. Spain is my home but Britain is my country.