There is major concern within the travel industry; the British and Germans are not booking their holidays to Majorca. Everyone is getting rather worried. I have no doubt that when the Brexit nightmare is resolved, hopefully in a couple of months, the British will start booking their holidays. But there are plenty of 'ifs'. The Germans, who are said to be furious over the tourist tax, are looking to Turkey. It is too early to say whether Majorca's holiday dream will become a nightmare but many are quietly saying that it could be a season to forget. Some of the major hotel chains, which rely on the German market, have put money aside for advertising campaigns in Germany if bookings don't rise. The government is already talking about a promotion campaign for Spain in Britain and Germany because of the low bookings.

It could be a question of Keep Calm and Carry On. but the local tourism industry would like to see the Balearic government scrap their controversial tourist tax. And what is more, the tourist tax could become an election issue because the Balearic Islands go to the polls in May. The opposition Partido Popular wants the tax scrapped or curbed during peak season. The government are sticking by their guns; they believe that the tourist tax is a good idea and is not hurting bookings. Whatever happens in the next few weeks the Balearics can't afford to sit back. A poor holiday season would dent the local economy.