The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is calling for a second referendum on Brexit, a so-called people's vote. I will have you know that people actually voted in the first referendum so I don't really know why it is called a people's vote, but perhaps more people might vote in it this time, if it goes ahead, and perhaps they might also see the wider picture. It has taken Corbyn two years to decide that Britain needed a second referendum. But having said Theresa May has spent the last two years saying that Brexit means Brexit, but unfortunately the people are none the wiser because if Brexit does mean Brexit then why is Britain in such a Brexit mess and why is it that the opinion polls say that the result of the second people's vote may be the complete opposite of the first people's vote because the people have had enough.

If May or Corbyn were running my beloved Chelsea FC they would have been sacked 18 months ago. At Chelsea sometimes it is a question of three defeats and the people, in this case the fans, demand that you quit. If a second referendum does take place then Corbyn and May should quit because they have failed miserably to deliver what the people voted for. A second referendum is a defeat for British democracy. It could mean that Britain never leaves the European Union and the last two years have been just one giant waste of time. I know what the board of Chelsea FC would do to the politicians in Westminster.