Remember that great '80s comedy sitcom The Young Ones? Well, I think they should revive it and writer Ben Elton could call it The Brexit Ones. I know the situation has become "flipping" (Sky News's new cutting-edge journalese) serious but I don't know whether to laugh or cry over Brexit. And judging by conversations I've had over the past few days and comments I've seen from the heartlands of Britain, especially pubs (another part of Sky News's cut-and-thrust coverage), millions of people in and outside the UK feel the same. That's if they are not totally fed up with the whole thing entirely. Spanish TV finds it laughable, I think the whole world does. Jacob Rees-Mogg has been dubbed Mr. Bean's brother by the country's most popular satirical news programme, although he is dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

What we need is an injection of order in the House of Commons, someone needs to take control. Why not the landlord in The Young Ones, played by Alexei Sayle, although he often failed as his four tenants, aggressive punk medical student, Vyvyan Basterd, conceited wannabe anarchist sociology student, Rick, oppressed paranoid hippie peace studies student, Neil Wheedon Watkins Pye, and the suave, charming would-be underground mob boss, Mike The-Cool-Person, failed to ever get along and were only concerned about their own fate. Sound familiar? All we are lacking is Madness to pop in to parliament and sing Our House then everyone can smash the place to pieces and start again.