Will politics in its present form ever recover after the Brexit debacle? Theresa May may have been slammed for blaming MPs for the mess but they should take some of the blame. The fact that parliament is incapable of delivering a deal which was voted for by the British public does not show British democracy in a good light. Obviously a referendum does not sit well with MPs; after all it is their job to represent the electorate and there should be no need for public votes rather than elections. The fact that parliament is so split makes the problem even more pronounced. You are also constantly hearing in Britain that parliament and MPs are not clear representatives of the British people with the first-past-the-post system, meaning that thousands of voters are effectively not represented.

Proportional representation could be the way forward because at least it appears more democratic and perhaps parliament would have a more modern and balanced view. Millions of people vote for the Liberal Democrats but as the party usually comes second or third in elections, the views of their voters are therefore not represented in parliament. The low turnout in elections in Britain also needs to be addressed. Perhaps the Brexit mess might mean that real change can be achieved in British politics. What we are seeing at the moment is a parliamentary system which doesn't work at all.