Be careful what you wish for. It appears that 80% of residents in Alcudia are fed up with the negative impact of tourism, despite the fact that 80% of people in Alcudia depend on tourism, and the local council is in a flap as to how to try and appease the local community while not damaging the tourist industry - a big ask.

But, come on, cards on the table time. If the Balearics, never mind just Alcudia, did not have the tourism industry, what would the majority of people be doing to make a living, especially ones of the such high standards many enjoy? The best part of 50 years of tourism have brought billions of euros to the Balearics. The industry has changed millions of people’s lives more than they could have ever imagined and now is not the time to start being difficult.

Everyone is going to suffer the repercussions of the slowdown in the tourism industry this season; many already are. Never mind what the government claims, it is not going to be a good year and in the UK there is talk of a price war because the tour operators are already slashing the price of holidays to the Balearics by as much as 50 per cent for peak season. Yes, peak season. So, hotels may get bodies in beds, but they’re not going to be making much profit from it, not to mention resort businesses. For the moment, I would sit tight and shut up.

P.S. Regarding my Viewpoint yesterday, Corbyn doesn’t smoke big fat cigars, so he can’t lead the A-Team to the rescue.