"We may be leaving the European Union but we are the kings of European football." I have used this line since Wednesday night on my Spanish colleagues because, for once, it was rather nice to talk about Europe without anyone mentioning Brexit. The majority of my Spanish colleagues are not too impressed about Britain leaving the EU, and the shambles the whole process has become has made the problem even worse. But this week I could talk about Europe even though Tottenham and Liverpool are not two teams I usually support.

Liverpool's demolition of Barcelona at Anfield has been the talking point of the week in bars up and down Majorca. Barcelona fans were not as vocal as they usually are and of course the Real Madrid supporters were enjoying every moment. For two reasons. The final is being played in Madrid and the last thing Madrid supporters wanted was their arch rivals in the final and a sea of pro-independence Catalan flags being flown across the Spanish capital by their supporters. It was a double joy for Real Madrid fans, though they failed to mention that their own side failed to make the final, even though they have been calling the Champions League their league for the last decade.

It will be English fans heading for Madrid next month for a final made in the English Premier League. One will be crowned as champions of Europe. This week the talking was done on the pitch and while there are few English players in both teams, these are clubs are very English. Brexit can be forgotten for a while because Tottenham or Liverpool are set for European glory.