"Conservatives should form an electoral pact with Brexit party at the next election." So says a senior Tory, whatever that means. There is no more senior a Tory than PM May and hardly anyone in the party now takes any notice of what she says - how ironic. The principal reason the UK is in the political and social chaos it is can be traced back to former Tory PM David Cameron’s fear of ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

The staunchly anti-Europe Euro MP Farage’s surge in the polls prompted Cameron to press the panic button and call the referendum in an attempt to gain the upper hand against Farage. However, it all went Pete Tong and Cameron’s gamble failed to pay off and is now costing the country as a whole extremely dearly. But unlike young Dave, Farage is back and is now leader of the Brexit party, which is not only tipped to clean up at the forthcoming European elections, it may well be the party to beat at the next general election. The Tories, who know all too well that their days as a major political title contender are numbered, are thinking about joining forces with Brexit to save their backsides.

Farage has said he would "do a deal with the devil" to get Brexit over the line. Of course he would. He could very easily end up as the next prime minister thanks to the support from the party which called the referendum in order to try and slay Farage and halt his political charge. Just how ironic would that be?