I wouldn't say that the socialist-led coalition which has ruled these islands for the last four years has done a great job but they have proved to be a safe pair of hands. So much so that the coalition, which consists of the Spanish Socialist Party, the Majorcan Nationalists Mes, with the support of the far-left Podemos, are widely expected to be returned to power after the elections this Sunday. The polls predict that PSOE will be the big winner, increasing their share of the vote and taking support away from their coalition partners.

For many years these islands had been governed by the centre-right Partido Popular, who not only won, they won with a majority. But their once commanding position has been taken over by the socialist party, which is set to be the biggest party in parliament after the elections. So have these islands moved to the left? Not really, the right-wing vote is almost the same, although it is now shared between Vox, Ciudadanos and the Partido Popular. The socialists have taken support away from Podemos and the left-leaning Majorcan nationalists. This sudden surge in support for the socialists must be music to the ears of Balearic president Francina Armengol, who should get a second term. Not only will the socialists be in power in parliament, they also look set to take the Palma city council and the Council of Majorca with their coalition partners. The balance between left and right is evenly placed but it does appear to be tipping to the left.