Be prepared, your journey time is going to take longer. The number of people who are telling me just lately that they are arriving late because of traffic jams is rising quite dramatically. Tailbacks on the airport motorway are almost commonplace at the moment and the main Andratx motorway has the same problem.

When are the local authorities going to take the problem seriously? They have two options: either to build more roads, which would be hugely unpopular, or try and convince motorists to leave their vehicles at home. There is a school of thought which says that the tailbacks happen only during the summer because of all the hire cars on the road. But this is not the case. Quite frankly, this is a homegrown problem; the local population has too many cars and despite the best efforts of the local authorities, public transport is still not being used. I do not understand why really. Parking in Palma is a nightmare and there is an excellent train network which is supported by a first-rate bus service. If you live in Inca and work in Palma, there is no excuse and you should take the train.

The local authorities are going to have to look at the possibility of a limited road-building programme to resolve the problem. We can't continue with this state of affairs. There was no mention during the election campaign of road building; this is a sad state of affairs because action needs to be taken before the problem becomes even more pronounced.